New year, new beginnings, new opportunities!

Hey, y'all!

This is a fun and exciting time for MNLa Originals! The first thing is pretty obvious... this new website! I hope if you see something you like, you will order it here or come see me at one of the shows that I am planning to be at this year. If you see something here that you already have or you have one of the 500 other pieces sold in the last few years, snap a quick pic of you wearing your beloved piece of handcrafted goodness and tag MNLA Originals in it on Instagram at MNLa_Originals or on Facebook at MNLa Originals. I can't wait to hear from you! 

The first Saturday morning of each month, I will be at the Baton Rouge Arts Market (BRAM) in downtown Baton Rouge, LA. BRAM is a beautiful menagerie of eclectic handcrafted goods made by a carefully juried group of skilled local artisans. I don't know what else to tell you other than I always wind up spending way more mental money than I  actually have in my pocket. I love those folks. They are awesome. All of them! (It is a rather humbling experience I have to be in the company of such talent.)

Aside from preparing inventory for that first weekend in February, I am also trying to replenish my inventory at the LSU Museum of Art Gift Shop downtown at the Shaw Center for the Arts (you know, where the cool water fountains skip across the front of that gorgeous architectural phenom.)

And it is January. This is the time of year I kinda hold my breath through. Between filling end of year tax paperwork, getting everything together for my regular household tax filing and preparing paperwork, photographs and scheduling for shows this year, I am reminded as to why I still color my hair. 

Then there's my "studio". It was a boat port when we bought this house in 2005. We don't own a boat. We have never owned a boat. I do, however, have enough "stuff" that it just made more sense for me to move it all out of my overflowing guest bedroom to a more dedicated space where I could really crank up the radio and acetelyne tank and let my imagination go. It also helps muffle the sounds of hammering on a steel bench block while my kids are trying to do homework or sleep. Anyway, the "studio" is getting a complete overhaul this month and will not only be organized (gasp!) and neat but will be able to accommodate another body in there so that I can teach a few things to some people who somehow believe I can teach them something. (Bless their sweet little hearts!) 

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, we have just celebrated the 10th birthday of our youngest son and are preparing our eldest son to leave the nest in the next few months. It is a crazy year for us all but I am so excited to see what blessings each day will hold! I hope you will enjoy the journey with us. 

God bless you for still reading. Now that we got all the new stuff out of the way... let's get on with that thing we do. 

Till next time,





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